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This Body of Knowledge provides a basic set of public educational content that can be shared and remixed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, unless otherwise noted.


The contents of the eLAD Body of Knowledge can be viewed by all visitors, whether or not they have created an account. In order to encourage user contributions while maintaining the quality and accuracy of articles, this wiki relies on an editorial board to approve changes made by the general public. Visitor rights and responsibilities are organized according to the following categories:

1.) Anonymous Visitors (people not logged-in)
May read articles, but not make edits.

2.) Authenticated Visitors (people who have created an account and are logged in)
May read articles, and make edits subject to approval by editorial board.

3.) Trusted Visitors (authenticated visitors who can reliably edit articles independently)
May read articles, make edits without notification of editorial board, and upload files.

Membership in this category is based on invitation by a member of the editorial board.

4.) Editorial Board (researchers, educators, and industry professionals who can speak authoritatively in areas related to lighting and daylighting)
Responsible for approving edits, maintaining quality of articles, and creating and organizing pages.

For guidelines about formatting eLAD articles, see eLADwiki:Article Formatting.

For procedures to maintain article quality for Editorial Board members, see eLADwiki:Editorial Board.

For information on the eLADwiki advisory panel, see eLADwiki:Advisory Panel.

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