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It is often desirable to integrate lighting control systems with HVAC control and centralized building and campus-wide control systems. In these situations, it is necessary to obtain an interface device to allow communication between the lighting control system and the building automation system. Lighting control manufacturers generally provide such devices for the most common building automation systems. These interface devices permit lighting systems to be monitored and controlled from a central location, which may be located in a separate building or facility. Building automation systems often follow standardized open protocols, such as BACnet or LonWorks, which makes communication relatively straightforward for lighting control system manufacturers.

In addition, most lighting system occupancy/vacancy sensors have an output channel for communicating the occupancy status of a space to the HVAC system, so space conditioning can be reduced or turned off when a space is unoccupied. This is a localized means of control systems integration, but this information may also be communicated back to the whole building automation system.

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