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eLAD a Phase 1 Product


  • One Use Case: The selected use case deals with resolving a serious glare issue.
  • Variables: Limited number of building component variables and options. Radiance is used to perform lighting analysis. Download Phase 1 & 2 variable list
  • Pre-rendered images: eLAD does display multiple pre-rendered images, allowing the user quickly view high quality visualizations of consequences of actions, and to switch from a photorealistic high dynamic range images to false color images which give numerical information about luminance and illuminance.

Beyond Phase 1

Desired Features

  • Metrics: Using numerical data containing information on the illuminance and luminance levels provide output information for the metrics to be able to grade the user.
  • Real-Time Simulations: Integrating other background software and other features to make the platform more robust including Modelica, for short-term, real-time simulations, EnergyPlus for energy system simulations, Radiance for real-time simulations, visualizing of light rays, and measuring instruments.

Known Issues


  • Link from Builder to Player in development.


  • Javascript Radiance Renderer in development.


  • Switching variables can take a long time to load.
  • DISPLAY MODE: Icon for Radiance Vision should say "Vision" and not "Radiance".
  • DISPLAY MODE: Solid View is missing plan and section views.
  • DISPLAY MODE: Radiance and False Color variables are not yet synced with corresponding jepgs. Will receive error message "The requested render was not found with the following configuration:__".
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