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Solar shading Pierce Co. Building before.jpg Solar shading Pierce Co. Building after.gif

Left : before
Right : after : solar shading with vegetation at east façade of the Pierce Co. Environmental Services Building, Architect: The Miller Hull Partnership, 2003. (Image Credit: UW IDL)]]

Landscape at a particular building site can exert a profound influence on the daylight availability and solar exposure. Common elements of landscape that act to shape patterns of diffuse daylight and skylight include topography, site surfaces and vegetation, Some of these remain static throughout the year (such topography). However, others are dynamic and must be considered on a seasonal basis. Two examples of this include the change in ground reflectance during periods of snow cover, or variations in tree canopy density when a deciduous tree loses its leaves for the winter. Building landscape geometry and surface characteristics can dramatically shape the “external reflected component” of a daylight source. Obstructions such as large trees or landforms on and around a building site can change both the character and intensity of daylight illumination at any given point within the site area.

Views both to and from a site are an influential component of “landscape.” Views and daylight are frequently inter-related and are provided for give visual access to adjacent landscape including buildings, landmarks, and other natural and man-made landforms.

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