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Scene control is used in spaces where flexible lighting control is required and preset scenes, which consist of a combination of on/off and dimmed output settings for the lighting zones within a space, can be applied to satisfy the range of space functions and activities. A lighting zone is a group of lighting equipment that is switched or dimmed together. Scene controllers have a series of buttons that are used to recall different preset lighting configurations. When specifying scene control, the number of buttons (preset scenes), the number of control stations, the number of controlled lighting zones, and the wattage and load type (halogen, fluorescent, or solid state equipment) in each of these zones must first be determined. If the loads are small, the dimming equipment may be integrated into the main scene control device. Larger dimmed zone loads require a separate dimming panel.

A typical room arrangement may consist of a master control and remote or slave units at other locations within a space. The master controller permits scenes to be changed and is often a larger wall-mounted device. Remote stations are typically connected to the main unit through low voltage digital or analog wires, or through radio frequency communication.

For digital control systems, individual buttons on a scene controller can be assigned to any combination of output conditions available from the digital ballasts or circuit controllers. Individual ballasts are addressable, and each ballast can have a different output level such that luminaire control zones need not be consistent across the different lighting scenes. With more conventional control systems, all luminaires within a zone are controlled together at all times.

The master unit may permit an occupant to override the scene settings. In some cases, it may be desirable to allow occupant override but prevent user modification of the preset scenes. For ease of use, it is helpful to label the different scenes on the control unit, particularly in spaces that are used by different people.

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